Why Rent from Cheers Photobooth?

There are several quality photobooth rental companies in Tulsa, OK. So what makes Cheers Photobooth unique?

Personality. We bring a unique style to your photobooth rental. We are there to make your guests smile, laugh, make uncomfortable faces, and put on ridiculous outfits in front of a camera. We go beyond just simply providing props and babysitting the photobooth: We truly entertain your guests.

Quality. We are one of the few companies in the US to provide an "open-air" style photobooth with beautiful backdrops that can fit your entire bridal party. We have added a professional lighting system and Canon camera that truly captures amazing Photos (go ahead, take a look at our gallery).

Value. We have the best value for a photobooth rental in Tulsa. We have affordable, flat rates for your event and we offer unlimited time. We are also the only company (that we know of) who can print duplicate photos for your guests on the spot. Have 20 people in that photo, but only 2 pictures printed? No problem, we can print enough extras so that everybody in the photo gets a picture.

Unique Personality.

How Long is the Photobooth Rental For?

There is no time limit.

We know when people rent a photobooth for their party, they like to continue partying and not worry about how long their photobooth is going to be there. When you rent with Cheers Photobooth, the photobooth and staff will be there for the duration of your event, providing service that is revered throughout the kingdoms of Middle Earth.

We once hired a young wizard named Gandalf to run the photobooth at an event and... well, the event is still going and I believe the guests have started refering to him as "Gandalf the White." Not sure about the details.

Unlimited Time.

How Fun are Photobooth Rentals?

Speaking on behalf of nearly every guest that has attended a wedding or event over the past 37 years, photobooth rentals are one of the most memorable and fun experiences you can have at a party. Not only are photobooth rentals fun for your guests, they give you a "snapshot" (pun intended) of the various personalities at your Tulsa event.

Sure, you know Uncle Bob is cool. But have you ever seen Uncle Bob in a pink boa? We have. It's hilarious.

Photobooths are more fun with props, and we have the best props for photobooths in Tulsa. Give us a call (or text) at (918) 856-5333 today to see just how much fun CheersPhotobooth.com can bring to your event!

Unlimited Fun.

How Attractive Will I Look in a Cheers Photobooth?


Although we cannot promise the fact that you may or may not meet the person of your dreams in a photobooth, we can assure you that when you rent a photobooth in Tulsa from CheersPhotobooth.com, you will have the highest-quality lights illuminating your best features. Combine this with our state-of-the-arts-and-sciences-degree high-tech Canon photobooth camera and you will surely have some amazing pictures.

Note: CheersPhotobooth.com simply provides a photobooth rental service in Tulsa, OK. We do not provide dating advice.

Unlimited Attractive-ness.

Renting a Photobooth in Tulsa, OK

The bottom line is, renting a photobooth in Tulsa, OK is easy with CheersPhotobooth.com. We rent photobooths for all occasions. At least one of our professional staff members (with above-average manners) will stay on-site for the duration of your event to keep the photos rolling!

Our photobooth rentals have been scientifically proven to bring the funk to Tulsa area events! And we're not talking "bad" funk, either. We're talking the kind of funk that makes you want to get down and do the cha-cha slide.

Contact Us today! We'd love to take care of you.

Unlimited Love.

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